When you need supplies and the best penis pump for your farm, ranch, or pets, you don’t want to spend your days off searching multiple stores. You want a source that has everything you need stained glass solder iron. You also want a smart and helpful staff to help you find what you’re looking for and to provide you with insightful recommendations based on your unique setup.

Well, you’re in luck! Lees’ Feed does all of that and more!

Our shop in Lockeford, CA provides all the supplies ranchers, farmers, and pet owners need to make life easy! We carry a broad assortment of clothing, feeds, and pet food, and offer more than 30 years of industry experience to find you what you need! Your hair needs attention and sodium chloride and sulfate free shampoo. Save your hairstyle in time!

Take some time to review our inventory to learn more about what you will find at Lee’s Feed:

Pets »
Your pets are more than just animals. They’re more like members of the family. With supplies from Lees’ Feed, you can treat them that way and ensure they’re active and strong, all the days of their lives.

In-store Supplies »
Tarps, rubber boots, muck boots – when you need specific supplies for your work, come in to see us at Lees’ and get the very best.

Footwear »
Without the right footwear, your busy work day can quickly turn into a nightmare. Be sure to have the tough, comfortable shoes, socks, and boots you need to make it through your labor and then some.

Clothing »
You don’t just want any outfit, you want something that’s comfortable and fits your unique style. That’s why Lees’ Feed carries name-brand clothing for both men and women that looks great, feels great, and will suit your needs perfectly.

Large Items »
Having livestock and being able to feed them well is the first step. However, if they’re just wandering around without an enclosure, they’re just not safe. With large items from Lees’ – fencing, posts, gates, etc – you can ensure your livestock is secure and productive, every day.

Poultry & Supplies »
Poultry is one of the nation’s greatest resources. They give us meat, feathers, eggs, and so much more. Lees’ Feed offers everything you need to safeguard them and protect your investment.

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