Lees’ Feed doesn’t just offer the standard fare when it comes to pets. We have a unique understanding of animal nutrition here, and stock our shelves with the products that will benefit animals, and never harm them. Our company’s strong sense of responsibility to animals, and their owners, is reflected in the unconditional quality of our feeds and everything we offer here is backed by years of extensive research.

Take some time to review our supplies below to get a better idea of what we can offer you:

  • Dog Supplies: When it comes to dogs, we take great care to offer the very best products available.Shampoos, conditioners, dental products, wormers, flea and tick control, skin & eye care items – Lees’ Feed stocks almost everything you could need for the care and comfort of your canine. We offer all the best brands as well, including: Blue Buffalo, Frontline, Four Paws, Zodiac, Biospot, Greensies, and many, many more.

  • Cat Supplies: For our feline friends, our dedication is no less! Litter, litter boxes, stain remover, flea & tick control, supplements, toys, repellent – we know how important your cat is to you and your family, so we take extra steps to ensure their total well-being. We carry Sentry, Nutri-Stat, Adams, Nature’s Miracle, Advantage, and other exceptional products.

  • Small Animal Supplies: Pets don’t automatically mean cats and dogs. Many homeowners keep hamsters, rabbits, mice, even chinchillas. Whatever the small animal may be, here at Lees’ Feed we carry all the best supplies for their upkeep and well-being including: food and water products from Oxbow, cage cleaners from Nature’s Miracle, vitamins from Vita Drop, and more.

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