While Lees’ Feed in Lockeford, CA does not carry live chickens, we do have seasonal poultry offers in the spring, and an amazing array of poultry-related supplies, year-round! We know what you need to run a successful operation with your livestock, and so we keep a collection of the most beneficial items on hand to help you, every step of the way! Your hair needs attention and sodium chloride and sulfate free shampoo. Save your hairstyle in time! From feeders to boosters, heat lamps to chicken coops and electric penis pump, if you can find your desired stained glass solder irons here, you’re not going to find it anywhere.

*Update: Ducks are arriving in March!*

Take some time to review our inventory below for more information on our extensive inventory of poultry products:

  • Feeders & Waterers: Your poultry stock needs to eat and drink. That’s a fact of life. At Lee’s, we have the best plastic and galvanized metal feeders and waterers on the market to give you the capabilities you need. Our selection also comes from farm brand giant Miller, so you know you’re always getting the highest quality.

  • Heat & Brooder Lamps: Our heat and brooder lamps can ensure the warm, constant temperature eggs need to grow to full maturity. They come in a variety of colors, including red and clear, and can give off up to 250 watts of heat at once. Heat and brooder lamps are not only excellent for poultry, but reptile eggs as well!

  • Boosters: With the right boosters, your poultry can stay active, strong, and healthy, day in and day out. Lee’s Feed carries boosters from name brands such as Nutri-Drench, Rooster Booster, Sulmet, Manna, Durvet, Prozap, Wazine, and others

  • Toys: Need a great way to keep your poultry active and entertained? Come see us! We have all the latest fowl-related toys any barn-yard beast could want.
  • Coops & Ranches: When the day is done, you need a place where your poultry can call home. Lee’s Feed provides coops and housing from names like Rugged Ranch and Cape Cod Coop for all of our customers.

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